A miracle?

8th of February. For some of you may seem an ordinary day. For me? A step toward fulfilling my dream.

Vatra Dornei, a city from Romania, or better saying, the place where every year amazing things happen.

While being at the Winter Go Festival this year, I met a very kind man   with whom I became friends very quickly. His name is Antonius Claasen (Tony for friends). We were talking and at some point I started to tell him about my dream studying Go in Asia.

Before few weeks, I was trying to plan a trip in Japan, so that I can study at Nihon Ki-in for a few months. Looking more, I realized it was impossible to do it this year.

He was listening to me very carefully and I was still talking, in a hopeless way, when suddenly:

‘’Wait! What about Korea?’’ he said.

‘’Korea?’’ I repeat, confused.

’Maybe we can try to get you there, I just need to talk with some people.’’

I was feeling even more confused after this discussion, but I didn’t think at all that this is going to work out. I started to wonder, but after some time I even forgot about this conversation.

On the other hand, in the next days, Tony managed to talk with the people from the Biba School (Blackie’s International Baduk Academy) and this is how all it started.

What is going to be next?

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