What do I stand for?

There are plenty of moments in our lives which build us as human beings, moments, ideas and people that help us see ourselves much more clearly.

But what are we really standing for?

Since I cannot unfortunately know what are you, guys, standing for, yet (but as always would love to hearing from you on my email or wherever feels more comfortable for you), I will tell you certainly what is important to me regarding this topic.

Throughout these years, I met so many people, people that meant or still mean or people who for sure taught me a lesson. I played so many games, participated in tournaments, experimented so many emotions that I would never thought they actually exist.

I was leaving so much time in my life by only emotions. It was just like the wind, I was never able to see it, but it was impossible to not feel it. Then what’s the point in me trying to understand why I do not see it?

Then I got to a point in which I was thinking that maybe some people see it, but my eyes are not made to see such phenomenon. But what if my eyes were not ready to see it yet?

It was always about other people, not about me, which made me vision it in a way that seeing the whole process in other people’s eyes is what I need. Is that healthy?

Respect. Such a sensitive topic.

If you would ask my closest people, they would for sure tell you that this word would be used by me on a very regular basis.

Respect for me is one of the things that I would always stand for, ESPECIALLY in Go.

Now when I go back in time, I feel so many things differently. Wow, what a surprise, no? 🙂

But really.

If Go is not something that would teach you that, who would do it better?

I realized that meeting Go players which would actually respect you and not just say that are so rare. And I am wondering why…

After spending time in Korea, I saw in the perfect place that Go is no longer an art among people. People are preoccupied with EGD points, winning tournaments, demonstrate to other people how strong they are, fights, authority, pride, personal egos and many other things.

I felt this so many times in Romania and Europe.

I was sitting so many times in front of the goban, in tournaments, ready to have the conversation with my opponent, because yes, Go for me is a conversation and such a peculiar way to get to know a human for real, see for real the weakness, the strength, the emotions, which is worth 1000 words and in fact no words for a Go player (as me at least) would be as best to enter in a human being’s mind and soul. As I said, I was sitting so many times in front of the Go board, ready to communicate, but the opponent would not even be there… Be there. They were for sure on their phones, talking with other people, trying only to intimidate me and win that game in that way! Can I blame that? Everyone wants to win, right?

It really matters how. How are you winning? Are you winning outside of the Go board? Does that make you feel you deserve it? Do you really deserve it?

But if Abba does not say it, who is?

In the end, I want to address this to the people that disrespected me and others, they for sure feel who they are. I am very sorry that you are embraced by the idea of winning, vanity, affecting the conversations that you have with your opponents and you will never be able to see the actual beauty of Go. The real beauty of it. One of the 4 fine arts, do not forget.

Respect is what I stand for. Thank you for reading.


1 thought on “What do I stand for?

  1. Awesome post, Gabriela. I so agree. With most opponents, it’s all about power and being on top with many opponents in games. They’re bad losers and even worse winners. And the song is so appropriate and really takes me back to my childhood. Thank you for posting!


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