A short confession.

Long time no hearing from you guys!

How are your lives going on?

As I said long time ago in my last article, I am back home. Now my “status” changed a little bit, I am more like an adult. I am having a job, I am trying to organize my life so that I can have time for everything and last but not least, study some Go everyday.

Usually before going to sleep and eventually falling asleep, I think about many things, as all of you do probably. Maybe this is the reason of our insomnias. :p

I think and I am remembering my time in Korea. I miss it.

I miss it, because there was only one thing to do everyday, studying. Somehow now I am feeling lost in this world, due to all of the responsabilites that I have at this point of my life and I realized that we don’t appreciate the present. At least I sometimes do not.

I am in a place, I am doing something and many times I am asking myself, what if I would be somewhere else, doing something else. And that stops me from living the moment.

I realized that, because lately I am thinking a lot about my time in Korea. I re-read my articles written from Seoul, I look at the pictures, I miss my routine from there.

I truly believe that “living your life to the fullest” is a hard thing to achieve. Our minds are more complex that we could ever imagine. There are always doubts and if’s.

I don’t regret that I came back, this is another chapter of my life for sure. What I regret is that the present for me is sometimes not a present, it is just an “what if” .

I will strongly come back with interesting articles, until then, I will wait for your thoughts, human creatures.


2 thoughts on “A short confession.

  1. First Of all, The Killers is one of my favorite bands ! I could listen to their albums for day !

    Secondly, I understand quite well your feeling. It often happens to me, thinkingabout the time i’ve spent in China, how the life was there, how complicated it is here etc. But even though it can get hard here, at the present time, at the moment, I always avoid to feel some nostalgia. I believe feeling nostalgia is probably one of the worst feeling a human can feel. It prevent you to live your life in the present and also to consider your future. In my opinion, nostalgia is more like a sweet poison, an illusion that will distract you from what can be your present days and your future. Exactly like those carnivorous plants which attract their victims with their scents before eating them alive.

    I mean, it’s normal to think about past from times to times or to desire to live those past days again, but it’s like playing with fire and it can potentially backfire in the worse way.

    Just remember that your future is yours to create according your desires, After all, you’re the young woman who created a tournament all by herself through hard work and commitment ! No matter how hard it can be, I’m sure you,ll be fine and make everything work out !


    1. Such a comment is a reason why I keep having this blog. Believe in you and work for your dreams, Valentin!

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