Lady in red…

Everyday we have a dinner break after studying a few hours and after that, we go back to school and we continue studying.

When I arrived in Korea in the first days, Blackie and Dia took us in this restaurant, close to our school in which they serve delicious Korean food. We call it Makgeolli place, even though it is not probably called like that, but because they serve also Makgeolli, a traditional Korean drink (Rice wine), we just call it this way.

After I ate there many times, I realized how much I love this place. Not only because of the food, but because of the atmosphere and the people that are working there.

Few weeks ago, I went there and I ordered only one soup, because I was not that hungry. The nice ladies there are always smiling when I come in, because I go there so many times, so now they know that most probably I’ll be there at 18:00.

I order, I bow and I say thank you. In short time, they bring me the soup, but not only the soup. They gave me one more soup and some Korean pancakes. I couldn’t believe, I had no words. They were so kind to me and they definetely made my day. I was so happy, their gesture made me realize how kindness can affect people, even for a lifetime.

One of the ladies always wear a red t-shirt. She is always smiling and behaving so kind to the people who go there to eat.

I ate everything, even though I was not that hungry. After I finished, I go to pay and I see that only my soup was on the check. I was almost crying, I would never imagined that I will get so emotional by this kind of gesture.

I say again thank you and I try to say that the food was delicious, in Korean, but maybe they didn’t understand me.

I leave, I was having tears in my eyes and then I go back.

I wanted to hug them, I couldn’t say any word. They were smiling and laughing at me, thinking that maybe I am a weirdo. I was happy. After that moment, I am going there almost everyday… And everyday they are that kind to me, just like in that special day. If they would know how amazing that evening was for me…

Be kind to one another,

2 thoughts on “Lady in red…

  1. Your story reminds me of an other one I read years ago on an other blog. That blog was also dedicated to Go. A french girl went abroad to study Go a bit more for a whole year. She was staying in China, I’m not sure about which city. Basically, she was feeling down, because of being away from her family and friends, making efforts everyday to study and get better at go. At some point she had an emotional break down but the lady who was cleaning the appartement use as a study room went to her and ask her in chinese if she was alright. The girl was crying at that moment, and the lady, in a nice and caring way just say to her to drink hot water ( which was her answer to every problems in life actually). In short, the kindness can be always seen when you least expect it in a place that you wouldn’t expect neither. That’s truly something amazing.

    As always, thank you for sahring these slices of life !


    1. Thank you for sharing us this wonderful story!


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