Foreign Melancholy

Before I start writing about the schedule, what are we studying, how much and in what ways, I would like to tell you my first experience of playing with Blackie, my Sensei from now, on real board.

The game was played with 5 handicap stones and the result was 24,5 points+ for White. The game itself for me was very inspiring, the most important thing that I managed to understand being the flow of the moves. Of course Blackie played very well, as expected, and I felt during the game that is hard to win because he is getting all the nice moves, naturally. But I had some moments in the game, when I felt my moves and I felt that they are the strongest on the board at that moment.

After the game, I reviewed most of the match with Sensei and I was surprised to see that some of my moves that I considered to be powerful, they were actually like this, so Dia and Blackie confirmed to me, that besides my analytic part which is still not trained enough and how it should be, I sometimes have a good flow of the moves. And the moment when I synchronize with a good flow is actually the moment when I am just in the game, totally. I don’t hear anything else, I don’t see anything else. Even if I look somewhere else, maybe to some walls, I am still in the game. These moments are magical and I get a lot of confidence from them, a part that I am not really managing. But maybe confidence would be another topic in the future for our blog, when I will find my words for it.

So let’s start!

I had my first week of training here. In the beginning everything went very slowly for me. I started from the first day to solve tsumego (picture), an important part of improvement in Baduk.

Things didn’t go very naturally in my perspective about this topic. In the first days I was getting a sheet of 20 tsumego for my level and I couldn’t really focus properly. It took me around 1 hour and a half to solve them, and half of them were wrong. I was asking Dia even, if this way, like so slow, is normal for a player as me, and she assured me it is in the beginning when you are starting to get used to the rhythm of constant sessions of studying. I was considering still, in my deep thoughts that something is unusual with my brain and I am just slow at solving tsumego. This made me feel frustrated and depressed in the first days, but when you play Go, you should expect a lot of pain and hardworking.

Things, hopefully, have changed. After 6 days of training I managed to get faster, 35 minutes for 20 tsumego and 4 mistakes which is promising for myself. Let’s see how will I perform in the next weeks. 😊

Our schedule is like this: We start everyday, from Monday till Friday, at 14 pm, and we finish at 21-22 pm. So there are some good hours to study. I am planning, after I will adapt a bit more to the environment and the lifestyle, to start my schedule a bit earlier. Self studying is very important. You have information, you have a Sensei, you have some opponents to play, but mainly is work on yourself, especially when you are playing games for hours or solve tsumego. You need discipline and you need to create a schedule that works for yourself, besides the schedule of school. That is making the days more productive and at the end of them you feel satisfied that you studied enough and on plan.

On Thursday, a female professional Baduk player came to visit us Song Hyeryeong, she is 2p and she is playing in the Korean female league. It was nice to see her and to talk to her, her way of behaving is very exciting and funny. 😊 Later on, she showed us a game that she played in the Samsung Cup. She lost it, but very enjoyable to watch the commentaries.

Also, on this day, I had 2 games against the Blackie’s father, who is around my strength. In the first game I managed to do a seki, after around solving 40 problems of seki situations 😛 in the first days, but unfortunately in the end I made a blunder and I died with an enormous dragon.

On the other hand, in the second game, I managed to get my revenge and I took a more dominating strategy. I liked the fighting spirit of my opponent, because even if the position looked hopeless for him, he kept trying and fighting, and in some situations he even managed. I still have to work on the ‘’don’t give up’’ spirit. 😊

The weather was a bit better these days, still not used with the time zone, but I am patient.

And for the end, I give you a tsumego. Until the next time we ‘’meet’’, feel free to solve with a big bowl of sweet cherries!

P.S. Take the homework responsibly serious! 😛

For people who enjoy music, I have a song in my mind for a few days, which is giving me the spirit of a foreigner. ‘’Take a trip in the air…’’

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