3, 2, 1… LANDED!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Gabriela, and I started this blog in February 2019, not knowing what will come, for sure.

I am writing this article, right now, being in the apartment where I will live for a few months from now on.

I landed on the 5th of July in the Incheon airport, at 9:11 AM. After a trip of aproximately 1 hour and a half, Dia was waiting for me at the bus station, and after a few minutes of walking, we finally arrived in the apartment!

Yesterday was the last day of the Samsung Cup Preliminaries and Tanguy le Calve, our new European pro, had a great result. He managed to qualify in the best 32 from world division, that will take place in October. Congratulations!

I met some of my “classmates”, which are: Thibaud (France), who will unfortunately leave at the end of July, Solal (France), Howard (US) who is going to leave on Sunday, and Nastya (Russia) who is always here. πŸ™‚

Besides them, I met Masteusz Surma (always studying hard, with Leela πŸ™‚ ), Andrii Kravets, Tanguy Le Calve and Ali Jabarin, who played in the Samsung Cup.

These days I am going through a bit of a difficulty because of the jetlag, which doesn’t help me focus on Go and other activities that we are doing. But definetely in a few days I will already get used to it.

Yesterday, after the final ceremony of the Samsung Cup, we went to some Streetfood Festival place, with a very nice view. Here I started to realize that it will be almost impossible to stay vegetarian, because it is hard to find veggies in foods. I also had a discussion with Tanguy here, that he is also vegetarian, but whenever he is coming to Korea, he needs to quit, because he doesn’t have that many options and neither time to search.

Today I went for my first time to BIBA, the academy that I will study in. My first impression was that the school is very cozy, somehow small, but very convenient to study. I saw many books, tsumegos, a computer only to use Leela, stones, boards of course, and a wall full of pictures with people that studied in BIBA up to now. Diana Koszegi, one of the teachers of BIBA and our momma here, counted that I am the 217th student here, so let’s hope it is a lucky number. πŸ™‚

We stayed a bit there, together with Ali Jabarin that was leaving today, reviewing a game that he played recently.
I managed to talk with Ali enough to conclude that he is a master of missing flights and trains. I couldn’t stop laughing today because of the stories that he was telling us, about how he managed to miss a flight, even when he was in the front of the airport gate, in time! That is a performance. πŸ™‚

Because I was exhausted from the jetlag and he was chilling, we both fell asleep near the river. Tired people! πŸ™‚

Downstairs of BIBA, it was a restaurant, so we just went there to take the last lunch together with Ali. There we got surprised because of this:

Baduk TV in the restaurant. It was a game played at Chunlan. How cool is that? πŸ˜€

The weather is terrible here, on the other hand. I anyway expected, but it is very hot and humid. You take a shower in the morning, you open the door to go outside and in less that one minute you’re sweating like you never took a shower before in your life. This will be a challenge to achieve, especially in these 2 months of summer. Let’s hope I will keep breathing. πŸ™‚

A new experience, a Go experience.


1 thought on “3, 2, 1… LANDED!

  1. Cristi Bitea 6 Jul 2019 — 22:47

    You deserve this experience, keep it up!


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