Work, trains and a flight ticket!

After such a long time of not writing anything on my blog, here I am. I never realized, until the time came, how important the last month was supposed to be. And it was!

I finished highschool, I took all of my final exams, I passed them successfully, I turned 19 and I met a lot of new people.

Unfortunately, Go didn’t take much part of May, because of the effort that I put into the work for school.

I usually work very well under pressure, but I have to admit I was never that stressed in my entire life…

A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago, Go player as well, that after I will finish with these exams, I will feel so relieved.

The weird thing is that after so many months full of stress, I forgot how to relax. 😊 Hope I will learn again how to feel this emotion.

I am currently in a train to Bucharest, to clarify the details for my visa. Hopefully, the process is going to be fast.

Because usually the final exams’ session is in July and then I will be already in Korea, I had to register for the special session, for kiddos who are going to represent the country at international competitions.

This time it was in Ploiesti, a city very close to Bucharest. There I had a chance to see around 140 teenagers who are very passionate about the sport they are practising.

After two weeks spent there, I realized how weird that city is, first of all, and how unknown can Go be, but this is not a surprise.

After I will finish my visa, I will have a few days to rest, then, until I leave, I will be involved in another big project.

Last but not least, I bought my flight to Seoul, so officially I can say I’m on my path to Korea!



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