Age or effort?

Sibiu was a host for several important Go events during the years, such as the European Youth Go Championship in 2010, European Women Championship in 2011 and the European Go Congress in 2014.

After the congress, Sibiu decided to take a break and focus more on small tournaments, teaching and improving the local club.

As I said in the previous article, I started to play Go after a while from the congress in 2014.

I think in my life, I was always a person that was chosen to organize things, probably because of my excited spirit of working with people. In the primary and the gymnasium school, every year, a person is supposed to be the leader of the class, making decisions, collect money, propose new ideas. For 8 years, I was the leader of the class. Not sure if it was about my organizing skills, or because of the fact that nobody else wanted to take some additional responsibilities. :))

I remember in 2017, I participated at the National Youth Go Championship in a city of Romania. Because of the bad organization, I felt scorned and ignored and after the tournament I really started to feel unmotivated. What is the point of my work, if I go to a tournament and I see so much negligence?

During the summer, I had an idea. I wanted to prove, first of all to myself, that I can organize very well a tournament, as long as I want and I put effort on it.

So let’s try!

Me against Elian Grigoriu.

First of all, I talked with the Go players from Sibiu, to see who is interested to be part of the project. When I saw that I have support, I called the President of the Romanian Go Federation and I proposed this idea, of organizing the National Youth Go Championship in 2018. First thing that he told me was: ‘’but you’re 17’’.

I was 17, indeed. In Romania, if you’re not 18, it is this stereotype that you’re too young, you’re not serious, and you cannot do this and that.

Even if I was motivated, excited and ready to organize a big tournament, some things were stopping me. So I needed to call a really nice Sir that organized all the big past Go events in Sibiu, to help me.

After some talks, we managed to conclude the most important things. There will be 2 organizers of this tournament. I will do the most part of the work, but if something appears, linked to official documents, singatures, problems, he will handle it.

I have to admit, it was not easy. Very hard to work with people. But we managed to raise more than 100 people, children, parents, instructors. A great experience!

After the tournament, I received a lot of nice feedback from kind people, who told me that the team of Sibiu managed to organize this tournament, better than many more tournaments that happened in Romania, and that was my purpose. To prove to people, that excuses don’t exist. Doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 60, you can do it, if you really want to.

While I was preparing the tournament, many months before, people were talking about me, that I am too young to do it, I don’t have experience and I will fail.

I was even receiving calls from people, in the late night, getting some really forced advice that was not really on my way of thinking, from people who are supposed to have experience in organizing. Instead of getting support and power from them, I was just wondering, what if they are right? But I am glad I managed to prove something else, with the help of my team and of course, the help of my parents.

Do not get discouraged in whatever you are doing and follow your path!


1 thought on “Age or effort?

  1. I was at that tournament and it was very nice and good organized even Gabi was only 17.Nice person, nice article! ❤


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