Young spirit!

Hello, everyone!

Long time no see. Unfortunately school stops me from being more active on the blog, but hopefully April will be a less busy month.

First of all, I would like to thank everybody who decided to join me in this beautiful journey and of course, everybody who will come is kindly welcomed. We hit 2000 views on this blog and this is just the beginning. So let’s start!

I realized, while re-reading my last articles that I did not mention how I started to play Go, a pretty important detail.

The answer is my father. Yes, I had luck to have a father who is familiar with the idea of Go.

My father on the left against Adrian Nedan on the right, my second Go teacher.

When he was young, during the Communism period, you couldn’t do much stuff. Collecting stamps, participating to cultural cenacles and maybe if you were lucky enough to have a Go club in your city, playing Go.

So he did. He found out about the Go club in Sibiu, my hometown. He enjoyed it a lot, but of course time passed by and other priorities appeared in his life, such as my sister and me. When we started to have internet at home, after 20 years of not playing Go at all, he remembered about this beautiful game. So he did some research.

Surprisingly, he found out that Romania has a Go Federation and it is considered to be a sport in our country. So he started playing on the internet, joining again the Sibiu Go Club and participating to Romanian tournaments.

After some time, in 2008, I went to my parents room. My dad was there, playing Go on the internet. Next to him, it was a bag. Trying to figure out what is there, only with my eyes, my dad said: “You can take a look if you want”.

So I did. It was the first evening when my dad tried to teach me Go. He failed convincing me to play. And not only once, let’s say many years after that.


Joking. He managed somehow, but after I learned the rules, he was still the one who was proposing to play, to train or to solve tsumego. I was not really interested.

Against my mother.

After a few years, in 2014, Sibiu was the guest of the European Go Congress. There, I had a chance to see how magical Go can be. Seeing so many people, doing the same thing, talking and interacting with all kind of nations, from all over the world, made me feel shocked. After the congress, I had a revelation. I told to my father that I will start playing Go. Of course he didn’t believe me, after so many years of trying.

Against my father.

But I did. I did started playing Go, everyday. When I saw the improvement, I started setting goals. My first goal was to defeat my dad, then to become 5 kyu, then to become 1 dan, then to become national champion… and we are getting to the actual goals, where I prepare myself for an intense training in Korea.

How did you start playing Go? I’d be glad to hear your stories, feel free to comment or contact me on social media!


2 thoughts on “Young spirit!

  1. Cristi Bitea 16 Mar 2019 — 16:27

    I stared playing GO by knowing you. 🙂
    You were my source of inspiration, thank you for teaching me this amazing game. Great sensei! ❤
    About the article, i love the way you write it s very catchy. GL!


    1. Thanks a lot! Feeling greateful that I can share my passion. 🙂


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