The fuseki started!

The Winter Go Festival has ended. After so many days full of Go, sports, mountains, feelings, emotions and having great time with people, now everybody is back home to their usual lives, maybe schools, universities or jobs.

Same for me. The final exams are coming soon…

Right after I arrived back home, while doing homework for school, Tony texts me:

‘’Alright, Gabi. So you have already 2 months of scholarship in Biba. Now our work is to develop these 2 months into 1 year’’, he says.

I was totally shocked! He told me before about some plan that he has, of course, but I expected to remain only a plan. Now it’s not a plan anymore.

‘’Wow, are we really doing this?’’

‘’It’s already sure that you go to Korea, so we should start working as soon as possible!’’

I have to admit that I needed some time to realize all of these things, but from that day, we started working for my journey.

Because of my last year of highschool, is not that easy to make the school understand that this opportunity is very important for a Go player. That is why this project will need more time to be achieved. Besides all of the documents that we need to create, another important part is to manage developing those 2 months into one year. Up to now, we have 3 months of scholarship, because of the kindness of a gentile man from Germany and a nice lady from Romania. I thank them, in this way!

Days pass slowly, but surely. I wake up every morning, very motivated to finish my day, to study for my exams, to study Go, because I know that in the end, I will live my dream.

We started the game. We put a few moves and now and I am waiting. Waiting to be my turn.

Oh, it’s my turn! What to do? A plan, as Cătălin Sensei 5p, always taught me. Look on the board, choose 5 options and then, take the biggest point! Be light and fast. Listen to your opponent’s plan as well. We are in the fuseki. How will the board look like later? We’ll see.

Tomorrow at 15:00 CET, I will have my first game against a 9 dan professional player, Kim Seung-jun (Blackie), on KGS Server (my nickname is Gabitza). Who has time and wants to join, see you there!

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